Research topics

Similarity judgments from eye movements and brain activity

In order to estimate structure of semantic knowledge, we have been developing a new technique to measure and analysis children’s and adults’ behavioral and brain activity. Recently, we propose a novel Bayesian analysis linking infants’ eye movements to their implicit associative learning.

Related papers (See also other publications/ 関連する発表論文 (その他の論文など)

  • Suzuki, Y. & Hidaka., S. (2011). Estimating similarity judgment processes based on neural activities measured by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)., ICCN2011 (pdf).
  • 日高昇平,鈴木義彦 (2011). 目は口ほどに物言う:注視ダイナミクスと類似性判断の関係., 2011年度日本認知科学会第28回大会 発表論文集(P2-34) (pdf)

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