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  • VerbBodyPub2006[VerbBody] Maouene, J., Hidaka, S. & Smith, L. B., (2006) Body parts and the first 100 verbs, In Proceedings of The Twenty Eighth Annual Conference of Cognitive Society, 555–560. [Publications]
  • VerbBodyPub2007[VerbBody] Smith, L. B. Maouene, J. & Hidaka, S. (2007).The Body and Children’s Word Learning., In Plumert, J. M., Spencer, J. P. (ed.) The Emerging Spatial Mind, 168–192. Oxford University Press. (external) [Publications]
  • VerbBody[VerbBody]Pub2008 Maouene, J, Hidaka, S. & Smith, L. B. (2008). Body parts and early-learned verbs., Cognitive Science, 32(7), 1200-1216.(pdf) [Publications]

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