MemberGoal of the weekMeet or Failure
Shoheito finish generating multisensory resultsmet (finally)
Islamto finish the forth chapter of my dissertation
Kobkritto finish writing the semantic relatedness section in the journal paperfailed
Wulanqiqigeto finish the Japan creativity society (日本創造学会) paperfailed
Qinfinish the second draft of my conference paper
Danto write the result sectionfailed

Long-term goals

MemberMid-term goalMeet or Failure
Shoheisubmit the semantic paper by the middle of September
Islamfinish writing the dissertation
Kobkritone international journal publication by November
Qinpublish one paper for a conference and one for a journal in this year
Danhave a draft of the developmental method by Sep. 10th.

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