MemberGoal of the weekMeet or Failure
Shoheifinish analysis of the semantic networkfailed
Islamto start revision of the first chaptermet
Kobkritpropose a new summarization technique (draft)failed
Wulanqiqigeprepare for the KICCS presentationfailed
  • [WriteSH] finish analysis of the semantic network/ failed
  • [WriteIS] to start revision of the first chapter/ met
  • [WriteKO] propose a new summarization technique (draft)/ failed
  • [WriteWU] prepare for the KICCS presentation/ failed

Long-term goals

MemberMid-term goalMeet or Failure
Shoheisubmit the semantic paper by the end of October
Islamfinish writing the dissertation
Kobkritone international journal publication by November
Qinpublish one paper for a conference and one for a journal in this year
Danhave a draft of the developmental method by Sep. 10th.

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