The goals of the week (from the previous week to this due date)

MemberGoal of the weekMeet or Failure
Shoheifinish VocabGrowth paper and send it to correctionfailed
Kobkritfinish the KES2012 (deadline April 9th)
Wulanqiqigeto write a research plan for the subtheme researchfailed
Danto submit my NRSA applicationfailed
  • [WriteSH] finish at least two of many things (analysis, preparation of experiments) before visiting IU/ ''''
  • [WriteIS] Revise the accepted paper for the journal/ ''''
  • [WriteKO] / Revise the first journal paper (deadline Dec. 16th)
  • [WriteWU] revise a paper (deadline Dec. 10th)/ ''''
  • [WriteDI] revise the subtheme 1/3 of paper/ ''''

Long-term goals

MemberMid-term goalMeet or Failure
Shoheisubmit the semantic paper by the end of November
Islamfinish writing the dissertation November 10th.
Kobkritone international journal publication by December
Qinpublish one paper for a conference and one for a journal in this year

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