|''Member''|''Goal of the week''|''Meet or Failure''|
|Shohei| to finish results of the semantic net paper |  |
|Islam| to finish the second chapter of my dissertation | |
|Kobkrit| to run the experiment (2 weeks later) |  |
|Wulanqiqige| to finish writing the KICCS paper |  |
|Qin| to write a review of some modeling studies |  |
|Dan| to build a simple learning model and load the real data |  |

**Long-term goals [#gf871815]
|''Member''|''Mid-term goal''|''Meet or Failure''|
|Shohei| submit the semantic paper by the end of July (cogsci) |  |
|Islam| finish writing the dissertation |  |
|Kobkrit| one international journal publication by November | |
|Wulanqiqige| |  |
|Qin| publish one paper for a conference and one for a journal in this year | |
|Dan| submit the cognition paper & have a draft of the developmental method | |

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