[[Research topics]]

* Dimension Estimation [#ba75b5cd]

** Abstract [#n57e9e69]
We present a new estimator of the distribution of pointwise dimensions of a probability measure. Our estimator seeks to approximate such measures by locally uniform measures, which we show are dense in a large class. We derive a probability density related to a locally uniform measure which allows estimation of its pointwise dimensions by a Bayesian method. We discuss our algorithm in
detail and apply it to various data, including orbits of the classical H´enon map and a Chirikov standard map.

** Presentation [#y936336b]
Coming soon.

** MATLAB codes [#y828f570]
Coming soon.

** Related papers [#ldfe5c19]

''Do not distribute our unpublished paper without our permission.''
''Do not redistribute our unpublished paper without our permission.''


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