[[Computational Cognition Lab in JAIST]]

*Writing Group [#t93b27fe]
Since Oct 8th, 2010.
Since Oct 8th, 2010 (the first period).
Restart July 9th, 2015.

**Goal & Activity [#wa58ffc7]
Hello binge writers,

We get together once a week in order to encourage ourselves to write a paper.
Anyone who has any problem in writing is welcome.
The biggest problem common in binge writers would be ''"motivation"'' to write.
Our writing group helps such writers to sit and write in a regular time.
The main activity of the meeting is to set up each of our goals of the week in a concrete form, and check out whether we meet our goals set in the previous week.
You, but nobody else, set up your own goal for yourself, but we would help and remind you of the goal.

Come and join us, binge writers!

Contact: [[Shohei Hidaka>Computational Cognition Lab in JAIST#l89b7af1]]

**Regular meeting [#j86c218d]
-Every Thursday 15:15 (%%Every Friday 13:30%%) at the meeting room, Kunifuji lab (KS I building 5th floor).
-Approximately 10 minutes for the meeting.
-Every member sets up his/her goal for the coming week, and check out whether we meet our goal of the week. Your goals and results would be shared by all the members (See also the calender below and the [[log>SummaryWritingGroup]]).

**Members [#v6c74639]
-Qin (temporarily pausing)
-Dan (past member, but you are welcome to send us your goal and report)

** Outcomes of our writing group [#k146a196]
-Islam has published four papers in a year!
-Islam has won [[the award in KICCS2011:http://meta-synthesis.iss.ac.cn/kicss2011/KICSS2011_bestpapersreward.html]].
-Since the writing group, we have once all the four active members had met their goals (Hope we keep this more).

** On-going and past goals [#n3c1a767]
You can see the past activities in the writing group sorted by individual members here: [[Individual logs of the writing actitivies>SummaryWritingGroup]]

**Good to read for what is writing group [#je0981a6]
-[["How to write a lot" written by Paul J. Silvia>http://www.amazon.com/How-Write-Lot-Practical-Productive/dp/1591477433]]
(Ask one of members if you are interested in this book.)

** Temporary low activity and restart from April 2012 [#m407e40c]
-Due to the organizer's (Shohei) absent, the group was not active from January to March in 2012, but it got restarted since April 2012.


*Writing Goals Next Week [#tb05cf8f]

*Past Writing Goals (meet or fail?)[#tb05cf8f]

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