International Workshop on Discrete and Computational Geometry

(Twelfth Korean Workshop on Computational Geometry)

June 21-26 (Sunday---Friday), 2009

JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Kanazawa, Japan

Goals and Motivation


Discrete and Computational Geometry has been developed as a subarea of algorithmics and combinatorics, concerned with algorithms and data structures for geometric problems and their discrete and combinatorial properties.  These problems are motivated by application areas, such as robotics, computer graphics, pattern and shape matching and recognition, computer vision, image processing, integrated circuit design, structural bioinformatics, and more. Since the mid 1980s, computational geometry has arisen as an independent field with its own international conferences and journals.  Goals and motivation of this seminar is to have active discussions and to do research on problems in discrete and computational geometry among participants.  Every participant is asked to prepare a short talk within 30 minutes that leads directly to interesting open problems.


Following the tradition of the seven preceding small workshops on computational geometry in Pohan in Korea, JAIST in Japan, HKUST in Hong Kong, Utrecht in Netherlands, Jeju in Korea, Seoul in Korea, Dagstuhl in Germany, and POSTECH, we strive to have active discussions and to do research on problems in computational geometry and geometric networks. Therefore we would like to ask you to prepare a short talk of 15-30 minutes that leads directly to interesting open problems.


Local Arrangement

Tetsuo Asano and Masashi Kiyomi (JAIST, Japan)


Contact Information:

Prof. Tetsuo Asano and/or Dr. Masashi Kiyomi

School of Information Science,


1-1  Asahidai, Nomi, 923-1292 Japan

TEL: +81-761-51-1205 (direct)

FAX: +81-761-51-1149 (Admin. Office)


Workshop Site and Accomodation:

(1) Tokyu Excel Hotel in Kanazawa

Tokyu Excel Hotel in Kanazawa

one of the best hotels in Kanazawa just in the middle of the downtown

2-1-1 Korinboh, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0961 Japan

phone: +81-76-231-3912, FAX: +81-76-265-6481






(2) Hakusan Seminar House

Hakusan Seminar House is located in the foot of Mt. Hakusan, which is about 1 hour drive from JAIST.  It provides wonderful environment for group discussions.  Internet or mobile phone is not available there and so participants must be concentrated in research.

Address: Hakusan Seminar House Bougakuen

         6-101 Shiramine, Hakusan-city, Ishikawa, 920-2501 Japan

         Phone: +76-259-2288

         FAX: +76-259-2285



(3) Matsusaki Ryokan

Matsusaki Ryokan is a Japanese-style inn which is about 10 minutes drive from JAIST.  Participants can enjoy hot spa instead of coffee.

Address: Matsusaki Ryokan

         3-1 Tatsunokuchi, Tatsunokuchi-machi, Nomi-city, Ishikawa



Registration Fee:

5,000 yen.



Video projector and overhead projector are available.


About Kanazawa

Kanazawa is one of Japan's foremost castle towns.  The city boasts many places of historic and aesthetic interest, such as the splendid Kenrokuen, known as one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan, and lshikawa-mon, the commanding gate to the old castle grounds.
In Kanazawa, one is acutely aware of the changing seasons. Not only is Kanazawa's natural scenery a colorful delight year-round, but every seasonal change is so carefully celebrated in Kanazawa's traditional cuisine, decor and yearly events that one comes to feel as if there are many more than four seasons.

You can find more detailed information about Kanazawa at the following page:



Transportation to Kanazawa/JAIST

Route 0: Narita – Komatsu – Kanazawa

1.     Arrive in Tokyo/Narita International airport

2.     flight from Narita to Komatsu (only one flight in a day: 19:30-20:50)

                Komatsu airport homepage:

              3. Limousine bus to Kanazawa (45 minutes)

         Airport bus information:

Route 1: Narita – Haneda – Komatsu – Kanazawa

3.     Arrive in Tokyo/Narita International airport

4.     move to Tokyo/Haneda Domestic Airport

(by JR line, Keikyu Line, or Limousine bus)

Narita Aiport homepage:

75 – 110 minutes

              3. flight from Haneda to Komatsu

              4. Limousine bus to Kanazawa (45 minutes)

Route 2: Kansai – Kanazawa

1.      Arrive in Osaka/Kansai airport

2.      take JR trains

                   Limited express HARUKA from airport to Shin-Osaka

                   Limited Express Thunderbird from Shin-Osaka to Kanazawa

About 3.5 hours in total.

Route 3: Chubu – Kanazawa (New Airport near Nagoya)

1 Arrive in Nagoya/Chubu airport (opened in March, 2005)

2 take JR trains

2.1 train from airport to Nagoya

2.2  Limited Express Shirasagi from Nagoya to Kanazawa

About 3 hours in total.

Route 4: Narita – TokyoKanazawa (by train)

1.      Arrive in Tokyo/Narita International airport

2.      take JR trains

2.1 JR Limited Express gNarita Expressh to Tokyo Station

2.2 Shinkansen from Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa

2.3 Limited Express gHakutakah to Kanazawa

       more than 5 hours in total.


Map of Japan



Japanese Culture Seen in Kanazawa

Kenrokuen Garden,

Kanazawa, Japan

One of the most famous Japanese Gardens in Japan


Ishikawa Castle with Cherry Blossoms in the beginning of April,

The most beautiful time of the year in Japan.