I216E: Computational Complexity and Discrete Mathematics(平成29年度2-1期・I216E 計算量の理論と離散数学)

This is a support page of I216E: Computational Complexity and Discrete Mathematics (I216E 計算量の理論と離散数学) at JAIST, Ishikawa from October 11 to November 30, 2017. The lecturers in the former half is given by Ryuhei Uehara, and the ones in the latter half is given by Prof. Eiichiro Fujisaki. This page is maintained by Ryuhei Uehara, and it contains information of the former half.

Information (サポート情報)

Schedule and PDF files used in the lectures (授業で使用したPowerPointのPDFファイル)
PDF files of the others (その他のPDFファイル)
Schedules for Office Hours (オフィスアワーの予定)
Misc. (その他)

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