International Symposium on Bioscience and Biotechnology in JAIST

International Symposium on Bioscience and Biotechnology in JAIST

March 18th, 2016

At ISHIKAWA High-Tech Exchange Center, Conference Hall

10:00 - Welcome Address Toshifumi TSUKAHARA

Keynote Lecture

Chairman Yoshihiro HAYAKAWA(Aichi Inst. Tech.)

10:10 - Barbara NAWROT (Polish Acad. Sci.)

tRNA damage under oxidative stress; consequences to be modified.

Chairman Toshifumi TSUKAHARA (JAIST)

11:00 - Mitsuo SEKINE (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

My study life in oligonucleotide synthesis。

11:30 - Byeang Hyean KIM (Pohang Univ. Sci. Tech.)

Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Systems: Design, Construction, and Biosensing.

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch

Chairman Mitsuo SEKINE (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

13:30 - Akira ONO & Hisao SANEYOSHI (Kanagawa Univ.)

Synthesis of oligonucleotides having biodegradable protecting groups for pro-oligo type nucleic acid medicines.

14:00 - Kenzo FUJIMOTO (JAIST)

Development of Photochemical DNA and RNA Manipulation.

Chairman Hidekazu TSUTSUI (JAIST)

14:30 - Khurishid ALAM (Rajshahi Univ. & Kyoto Univ.)

Genetic analysis of cell competition that governs epithelial tumor suppression.

14:50 - Hitoshi SUZUKI & Toshifumi TSUKAHARA (JAIST)

The multiexon-skipping with circular RNA from a standpoint of post-transcriptional splicing.

15:10 - Takayoshi WATANABE (JAIST)

Novel method for position-specific protein PEGylation using aromatic amine-containing non-natural amino acid.

15:30 - 15:50 Coffee Break

Chairman Tsutomu HAMADA (JAIST)

15:50 - Hidekazu TSUTSUI (JAIST)

Spikes and crystals in live cells.

16:20 - Trong Tue PHAN (JAIST)

Approaches to single molecule detection.

16:40 - Naofumi SHIMOKAWA (JAIST)

Physical properties of the hybrid lipid POPC on micrometer-sized domains in mixed lipid membranes.

Chairman Takahiro HOHSAKA (JAIST)

17:00 - Toan The NGUYEN (Univ. Sci, VNU-Hanoi)

Introduction to SimEngine - a C++ library for rapid development of MD/MC/CG simulations and application in a Grand-canonical Monte-Carlo simulation DNA hexagonal bundles.

17:30 - Tsutomu HAMADA (JAIST)

Physical approach to artificial cells.

18:00 - Closing Takahiro HOHSAKA

18:30 - Banquet