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International Society for

Knowledge and Systems Sciences (ISKSS)







Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Japan

Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China

Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

Tsinghua University, China

University of Hull, United Kingdom

Institute of Intelligent Information and Communications Technology, Konan University, Japan




Welcome to KSS'2004

The significant feature of development of knowledge sciences is the interdisciplinary program on an international scale. We need to promote the exchange and interaction of knowledge across disciplines and borders to explore the new territories and new frontiers. In the present stage, attempts to strictly define the knowledge science may be too ambitious, but a very tolerant, broad-based and open-minded approach to the discipline can be taken. Knowledge science and systems science can be used for one another as methodology and tool and benefit each other. Around these disciplines, the first International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences, initiated and organized by Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, was held in September 2000 (KSS'2000), then KSS'2001 in DUT (Dalian, China), KSS'2002 in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (Shanghai, China), and KSS'2003 in South China University of Technology (Guangzhou, China). Many scientists and researchers from different countries/areas contributed to all those symposia. We own great thanks to them. This year, the fifth Symposium, KSS'2004 will be held in JAIST with the support of the 21st century COE (center of excellence) program in JAIST.  

All people who are interested in knowledge and systems sciences are welcome to attend the symposium. We hope to see a growing community to distribute new ideas and latest research results.


Nakamori, Yoshiteru

Wang, Zhongtuo

Gu, Jifa



This symposium sets the focus on the subjects in the fields of knowledge science and systems science. Three technical sessions are included:

l        Session 1: Knowledge science

l        Session 2: Systems science and engineering

l       Session 3: Knowledge systems thinking


Important Dates

July 1st, 2004 -- Deadline for submission of abstract about 300 words (with keywords and title, name, affiliation, mailing address and e-mail)

August 1st, 2004 -- Notification of acceptance of abstract.

October 1st, 2004 --Deadline for submission of full-length paper.


Registration Fee

200 US dollars (students:  100 US dollars). The registration fee will cover meeting rooms, facilities and a copy of proceedings.



Reviewed papers will be published in proceedings of KSS'2004.







International Program Committee


Prof. Nakamori, Yoshiteru

(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Prof. Wang, Zhongtuo

(Dalian University of Technology, China)

Prof. Gu, Jifa

(Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)



Prof. Chen, Jian (China)

Prof. Dang, Yanzhong (China)

Prof. Jackson, Michael (United Kingdom)

Prof. Kijima, Kyoichi (Japan)

Prof. Lai, K.K. (Hong Kong, China)

Dr. Midgley, Gerald (NewZealand)

Prof. Makowski Marek (Austria)

Prof. Terano, Takao (Japan)

Prof. Wang, Shouyang (China)

Prof. Wierzbicki, Andrzej P. (Poland)

Prof. Yoshida, Taketoshi (Japan)

Prof. Yue, Wuyi (Japan)

Prof. Zhao, Chunjun (China)

Dr. Zhu, Zhichang (United Kingdom)


Local Organizing Committee


            Prof. Yoshida, Taketoshi



Prof. Ho, Tu bao

Dr. Huynh, Van Nam

Dr. Kawasaki, Saori

Dr. Ma, Tieju

Mr. Shinoda, Yuji

Ms. Kikuchi, Tomoko

Ms. Kawabata, Akiko




Please submit PDF files of abstracts and full-length papers by email to:


Dr. Ma, Tieju




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