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 To Applicants


JAIST conduct classes in different styles of Face-to-Face, Online and Hyflex which is a choice of Face-to-Face or Online. The details are described below.

・April 9, 2021 About the lectures for Term 1-1 in Ishikawa Campus and Term Ⅰ for Tokyo Satellite
・March 19, 2021 About Lectures in 2021-2022
・December 4, 2020 About the lectures in Term 2-2 for Ishikawa and Ⅳ for Tokyo
・October 9, 2020 About the lectures in Term 2-1 for Ishikawa and Ⅲ for Tokyo
・April 14, 2020 About online lectures

(Ishikawa Campus)
・June 12, 2020 Questionnaire on Satisfaction regarding Online Lectures in Term 1-1 at Ishikawa Campus[This questionnaire is now closed]
・May 11, 2020 About online lectures(Term1-2)
・May 11, 2020 About Online Lectures
・April 27, 2020 Questionnaire on Attendance State in Online Lectures[This questionnaire is now closed]


Academic support

JAIST provides internet access via wireless local area network (LAN) in an almost entire area (excluding outdoors) including laboratories, lecture rooms, library, institute hall, student housing and Tokyo Satellite. (Pre-application required) Additionally, Surface is lent to all Students in Ishikawa Campus if they want to. Students can participate an online class from a lecture room (currently opened as a self-study room), library, J-BEANS and their laboratories.

○Wi-Fi Servise
Wi-Fi is available in all buildings on our campus.

○Remote Access Service
Remote access using SSL-VPN is available for learning and research activities at off-campus.
You can access our learning management system and watch lecture archives from your home.
See the following URL for details.

○Remote Support
Even if you cannot visit the Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure(RCACI) reception desk, RCACI will provide you online support using Webex, etc.
When you need our support, please contact RCACI via the following form.

(Ishikawa Campus)

・April 17, 2020 About Online Lectures

○Tablet-PC Rental Service
We have lent a tablet PC (Microsoft Surface) for each regular student if required. You can use it as a mobile PC, and also a desktop PC with dock/display/keyboard/mouse at your laboratory booth.
If you have not borrowed the tablet PC and you need it, please apply for this service at the RCACI reception desk.
If you need dock/display/keyboard/mouse at your laboratory booth, please ask it to your supervisor.

○Wired-LAN Adapter Rental Service
We will lend a wired-LAN adapter if required.
If you have a bad Wi-Fi connection, please apply for this service via the following URL.

About Online Lecture (The website of Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure)

Financial support

JAIST provides financial support for the students who are facing financial difficulties due to the current COVID-19 situation. Types of support are described below.

○Tuition fee extension of payment deadline and exemption
・May 12, 2020 Financial Support for Students those who are Facing Financial Difficulties as a result of COVID-19

○Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies
・July 6, 2020  Announcement of "Emergency cash handouts" for continuing study (2nd selection)
・May 22, 2020 Announcement of "Emergency cash handouts" for continuing study

○JAIST Student Temporary Loan
・May 20, 2020 Announcement of JAIST Student Temporary Loan

○JAIST Emergency Student Support Loan
・June 1, 2020 JAIST Emergency Cash Handouts

Career support

Please visit “here” for our career support.

General information for international students

JAIST are committed to support international students, who are having a difficulty in entering/re-entering Japan, to reduce their mental and financial stress by providing the latest information about travel restrictions and related matter, and financial support.

○Financial support for international students who newly enter Japan
For privately-financed new students in 2020, JAIST covers a part of accommodation fee for 14 days quarantine measures which students have to follow after they have entered Japan.

○New entry into Japan
・March 19, 2021 Continuation of Restriction on New Entry to Japan
・March 8, 2021 Re-Extension of Restriction on New Entry to Japan
・February 3, 2021 Extension of Restriction on New Entry to Japan
・January 15, 2021 New Entry Ban in Japan after January 14

○Temporary departure from Japan and re-entering due to COVID-19 by enrolled students
・January 18, 2021 About Temporary Leave Under the Current Situation and the Other Attention
・November 25, 2020 About temporary leave during the New Year holidays

To Applicants

Non-Face-to-Face exam might be conducted depending on COVID-19 pandemic. Please check our Admissions page for the latest information.