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Judgment of Eligibility (Master's Program)

Applicants who wish to apply for the Master's Program at JAIST under the eligibility requirement (9), (10) or (11) are required to pass through the Judgment of Eligibility prior to applying.

Eligibility Requirement(9)
Early Graduate School Entrance Program
Applicants for the early graduate school entrance program must have completed the required number of credits set by JAIST, which is approximately three-quarters of the necessary credits to graduate from a Japanese university or an equivalent level of the curriculum in a foreign country, with excellent academic results.
Prospective applicants for the early graduate school entrance program are those who have:
a) attended a Japanese university for at least three years.
b) completed a 15-year curriculum of school education in countries other than Japan.
c) completed a 15-year curriculum of school education in a foreign country by completing
the correspondence curriculumof an overseas educational institution while residing in Japan.
d) completed a curriculum at a foreign-affiliated university in Japan which has a university curriculum
under the school education of its country (Its completion must be regarded as the completion of
a 15-year curriculum ofschool education in its country) and specifically designated by
the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Eligibility Requirement(10)
Eligible applicants are those who have enrolled in a graduate school as stipulated in Paragraph 2, Article 102 of the School Education Law, and recognized as having sufficient academic abilities by JAIST. (Applicants who have enrolled in other graduate school according to the equivalent eligibility requirements of (9) set by JAIST and wish to enroll in JAIST.)

Eligibility Requirement(11)
Eligible applicants are those who have been recognized by JAIST through the Judgment of Eligibility as having an equivalent or greater scholastic ability than that of university graduates, and will have reached 22 years of age by the day prior to the day of desired enrollment.

Application Procedure

Applicants must download the Guide to Application for Judgment of Eligibility and application forms from this website, prepare all the required documents and send them to the Admissions Section by post before the designated deadline.

Click here to download the Application Guide for Judgment of Eligibility and designated forms.

◆ Application forms in Word format
Forms are available for download below. Please fill out the appropriate forms and print them on A4-sized paper. Applicants who cannot complete the forms on a computer, must download them in Word or PDF format, print out and fill in handwriting.

We do not accept applications via email.

Form 1: Application Form
Form 2: Curriculum Vitae
Form 3: Keywords Form
Form 4: Address Labels
Form 5: Work Experience
Form 6: Short Essay
(Example) Form 5: Work Experience

Mailing Address: Admissions Section
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Please direct all inquiries via email in English or Japanese.

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