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Applied Physics

Our mission is to develop nanotechnology based on the science of atoms and molecules by seeking and acquiring the wisdom and skill in applied physics. We explore unprecedented technologies towards realization of ubiquitous devices, quantum devices, micro- and nano-machines, atom and molecule manipulators, and so on, which will provide rapid progress in building infrastructures for the future society. We contribute to solving the environmental and energy issues and supporting the safe, reliable and sustainable human society, by using the innovative technologies. Offering rich experience in cutting-edge nanoscience and nanotechnology, we educate our students to become challenging materials scientists capable of figuring out the essential cores of various issues through their ability to think from the perspective of physics.


Nano-materials, Nano-devices, Nano-imaging and measurements, Micro- and Nano-fabrication, Hybrid organic/inorganic materials, Electronics, Spintronics, Photonics

Education policy:

We foster students to be excellent scientists and experts by providing chances to enhance their intellectual and distinguished power to lead the next generation; they can explicate with physical perspectives the essence of the issues and stride seamlessly across various fields. The frame of physics is very tough. Physics has evolved in principled and inductively intellectual struggles to understand the phenomena in nature. Learning physics and depicting our future are the same as "standing on the shoulders of giants". In addition, the objectives in applied physics spread widely and openly, leading the students to be active globally beyond any boundaries, whereas their expertise in physics is being reinforced. We aim at realization of dream futures with the students by solving the issues and difficulties faced by human beings, using the wisdom and skills which were established by respected scholars and experts in the area of physics and applied physics.