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Applied Physics

Laboratory List

Iwasaki Laboratory

Hideo Iwasaki

Challenge to making experimental techniques and functional materials for superconductivity and thermoelectricity


Solid state physics,Superconductor,
Thermoelectric material,Experiment at low temperature

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Suzuki Laboratory

Toshi-kazu Suzuki

Compound semiconductor device technologies for functional diversification of electronics


Compound semiconductor device,High-speed device,Energy-saving device,Heterogeneous integration technology,Device characterization technology

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Tokumitsu Laboratory

Eisuke Tokumitsu

Future electron devices using functional materials


Thin film transistors (TFTs),Non-volatile memory,Oxide semiconductors,Ferroelectric materials,Transition metal dichalcogenides

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Tomitori Laboratory

Masahiko Tomitori

Exploration of nanoscale science and technology to observe, measure, and manipulate individual atoms and molecules toward novel functional devices


Nanoprobe,Scanning probe microscopy,Electron spectroscopy,Electron microscopy,Semiconductors,Oxides,Single molecular devices,Water,Contact fabrication,Development of instruments

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Horita Laboratory

Susumu Horita

Fabrication of electronic thin films and devices by low-temperature technology for preservation of global environment


Low-temperature fabrication,Thin film,Electronic materials,Electron devices

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Mizutani Laboratory

Goro Mizutani

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Murata Laboratory

Hideyuki Murata

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Akabori Laboratory

Masashi Akabori

Spintronics in Semiconductor Nanowires


Compound semiconductors,Ferromagnetic metals,Nanofabrication,Spin field-effect transistors

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An Laboratory

Dong Soo An

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Oshima Laboratory

Yoshifumi Oshima

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Takamura Laboratory

Yukiko Takamura

Development of nanomaterials based on the understandings of surfaces and interfaces


Nanomaterial,Thin film growth,Surface,
Interface,Scanning probe microscopy

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