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Entertainment Technology

Information technology is essential for convenient and trustworthy society. To further develop the society for people to enjoy delightful learning and living, this area aims at establishing a better relationship between people and computer by making the most use of a wide variety of technology of artificial intelligence and human information processing. Its research interests include game AI for entertainment, system or game AI that can support human's learning, standard criterion to measure pleasure or difficulty of a game or puzzle, sophisticated natural language processing and image processing for interaction with human. Thus, we contribute our interdisciplinary efforts to the development of a delightful society.


artificial intelligence, game AI, machine learning, natural language processing, learning support system, gamification, algorithm, computational geometry, image information science, computer vision

Education policy:

This area explores entertainment for a happy life by integrating fundamental techniques such as game, machine learning, learning support, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and computer vision, as well as by combining deep analysis and modeling of human's perception, recognition, thought and sentiment.
To achieve it, students learn fundamental techniques and theories of information science as well as advanced knowledge of sub-fields. They also cultivate abilities necessary to become advanced scientists or engineers, such as problem finding, modeling, substantiation, implementation, evaluation, presentation skill, communication skill and scheduling.