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Iida Laboratory

Hiroyuki Iida

Game Informatics


Computer Games, Entertainment Science, Gamification, Serious Games, Game refinement theory, Game information dynamics, Force in mind, Digital games, board games, Game tree search

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Uehara Laboratory

Ryuhei Uehara

Intelligence through computational origami, puzzles, and games


Computational origami, Combinatorial optimization, Graph algorithms, Computational complexity of games and puzzles

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Kotani Laboratory

Kazunori Kotani

Image Processing, Computer Vision


Image Pattern Recognition, Facial Image Analysis, Facial Expression Recognition, Color Engineering, Medical Image Analysis, Morphology, Computer Graphics, Visual Information Processing, Human-Robot Interaction, Emotional Communication, Multi-modal Interaction, 3 Dimensional Image Processing, Motion Image Analysis

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Ikeda Laboratory

Kokolo Ikeda

Strong Game AI, Entertaining Game AI and Coaching Game AI


Go, Puyo-puyo, RPG, Turn-based Strategy, Monte Carlo Tree Search, Human-like Game AI

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Shirai Laboratory

Kiyoaki Shirai

Understanding Language by Computer


Statistical natural language processing, Support for Web access, Application for natural language processing

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Hasegawa Laboratory

Shinobu Hasegawa

Interdisciplinary research environment for learning "how to learn"


Support for skill learning, Support for self-directed learning, Edutainment, Distance learning system

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