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Global Communication Center

1 Outline of the Center for Global Communications

In the international academic environment of JAIST, where students from various backgrounds and fields come from Japan and abroad, the Global Communication Center offers programs for all students to present research results in English, to think about current global issues, and to improve the Japanese language skills that international students use in their daily lives.

2 Global Communication Center Education Program

Technical English Communication Education courses are designed to help students acquire English literacy so that they can present their research results to the world. Technical Japanese language education courses are designed to help international students acquire the Japanese language skills they will need when they become active and established in Japanese companies and regions as highly skilled foreign human resources after completing their studies. To complement language education, we offer courses in cross-cultural understanding and global education that consider knowledge and solutions to global issues that we face.

3 Global Communication Center Training Program

(1) Writing Lab
 Tutoring is provided upon request for students to present their research results in English.

(2) JAIST-Nomi City Cooperative Japanese Language Course
 Based on the "Agreement on Academic-Government Collaboration" concluded between JAIST and Nomi City, JAIST offers Japanese language courses for international students, researchers, faculty members and their families who wish to acquire Japanese language skills and deepen their understanding of Japanese society.

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