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Human Life Design

Human Life Design Area aims to create a gentle, attractive and harmonious "way of life" and "society".
Toward this goal, we

  1. Acquire the fundamental knowledge about the biological characteristics such as mental, cognitive and physical of human on the basis of the study such as psychology, physiology, brain science, cognitive science, and so on.
  2. Research and develop elemental and applied technologies to support and extend the various activities of individuals and groups, based on the knowledge about the biological characteristics of human, and also considering sociality of a human being.
  3. Design a new ways of life and scene of social system (human life) under the complex relationships and interactions between human-human or human-object, by fusing those findings and technologies.

Through these three research activities, we realize an innovation for QoL improvement, and pursue materialization of a rich and fulfi lling human society and knowledge creation.


Perceptual information processing, Interaction, Cognition/Psychology/Behavior, Human Interface, Social Psychology, Interactive Systems, Creativity Support, Groupware, Design Thinking, Media Art, Human life and science, Social Infrastructure, Care support, Network science and service, Innovation Design

Education policy:

This area is a fusion area whose professors have been promoting the study of human in Knowledge Science and Information Science.
In this area, we implement comprehensive and interdisciplinary education and research, from a primitive level, such as brain function, perception, and cognition, to a higher level, such as creation and social activities, by handling the activities of human as intelligent life, and also considering demonstration of technologies and the ideas in social life.
We hope our student to be a leader to open up the future of society, by focusing on one of the levels of research but without remaining only in that level, having interests not only in technologies but also in human activities as a design engineer, and deepening their insight by reflecting a variety of perspectives.