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The humanoid robot is one of the ultimate goals of computer science. The robots are expected to support our daily lives, including disaster relief and care for aged people, where they are supposed to behave with enough intelligence as well as mechanically smooth body movement. This area covers these two aspects of intelligence and robotics, that is, we aim at building an autonomous cognitive agent with independent knowledge and inference mechanism based on advanced software engineering, as well as on mechanical/control engineering. The area includes the study of robot as a unit of perception/action cycle, mathematical logic as a foundation of inference, distributive/parallel system, software verification, and techniques for agent communication. Thus, we contribute through our interdisciplinary efforts to the further development of our society.


artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering, control engineering, mathematical logic, software engineering,distributive system

Education policy:

This area aims at fostering students as global leaders of future society or excellent scientists, who are equipped with (a) discussion/writing skills based on sufficient knowledge of mathematics and technical terms in English,(b) planning methodology as to short-term/long-term milestones, and (c) knowledge of the process from detailed survey to the completion of novel academic contribution.