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Intelligent Robotics

Laboratory List

Ishihara Laboratory

Hajime Ishihara

From Computation to Proof


Mathematical Logic, Intuitionistic Logic, Constructive Mathematics, Proof Theory, Reverse Mathematics

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Ogata Laboratory

Kazuhiro Ogata

Make your programs run exactly as intended!


formal specification, model checking, theorem proving, distributed systems, state machine graphical animation

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Ogawa Laboratory

Mizuhito Ogawa

Bridging Theory and Practice:
Dependable Software and Secure systems


Formal language, Rewriting systems, State transition systems, Formal methods, SMT, Binary code analysis

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Chong Laboratory

Nak-Young Chong

Toward Realizing Intelligent Robots Leveraging Perception and Cognitive Information Processing


autonomous intelligent robots, perception and cognitive information processing, assistive robots

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Tojo Laboratory

Satoshi Tojo

Language = Logic?, Intelligence = Computation?


Logic, Language, Agent, Communication, Grammar, Music

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Asano Laboratory

Fumihiko Asano

Understanding natural, efficient, and skillful motions and its application to advanced robot technologies


Underactuated robots, Mechanical systems, Control system technology, Biomimetics

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Okada Laboratory

Shogo Okada

Computational modeling for understanding and generating multimodal social signal patterns


Social Signal Processing, Human behavior analysis. Human dynamics, Affective computing

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NGUYEN Laboratory

Minh Le Nguyen

Deep Learning, Natural Language
Understanding, Legal Text Processing


Natural Language Understanding, Text Summarization, Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation

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Hirokawa Laboratory

Nao Hirokawa

Programming Languages and Automated Deduction


term rewriting, symbolic computation, declarative programming, theorem proving

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Anh Van Ho

Utilization of materials softness in
development of novel robotic mechanisms


soft robotics, soft robotic hands, soft sensor, morphological computation, bio-inspired robots

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Keita Yokoyama

Understanding the difficulty and complexity of mathematical theorems


Mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics, proof theory, computability theory, arithmetic, nonstandard model, reverse mathematics

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