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Human knowledge, distinct from money, lands, or natural resources, is the most precious managerial resource in the global society, where people and machines are connected rapidly and seamlessly by the IoT (Internet of Things). JAIST initiated the establishment of the field of "Knowledge Science" in the world, preceding the coming of a "knowledge society". We are studying knowledge creation in the extent of individuals, organizations, and societies, by combining humanities and sciences. Our fundamental questions are "What is knowledge?", "How is knowledge created?", and "How should knowledge be utilized?" We are fostering young students and working professionals who will be able to contribute to social development by solving social problems through technological/regional innovations.


Service science, System science, Data mining, Ethnography, Marketing, Decision-making, Social simulation, Complex systems, Language and Communication, Learning science, Knowledge management, Management of Technology, Regional management, Consulting, Tourism, Medical care, Nursing care, Education

Education policy:

Our research area is conducting cutting edge research on (1) knowledge creation methodology to analyze social problems, (2) system design methodology to design effective service systems to solve the problems,and (3) business methodology to implement the systems. We are fostering young students for the knowledge society who have the basic skills of the three methodologies. We are also in charge of the education of working professionals who are seeking for solutions of practical issues in their workplace.