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This area focuses on the design of novel functional and high-performance materials through basic and applied chemistry with the aid of advanced characterization facilities. We contribute to society by proposing innovative chemical products and fabrication processes to industries, necessary for the enriched sustainable society.
Moreover, we aim to foster future researchers and technical experts who have the ability to develop new materials on the basis of design at the atomic and molecular levels with advanced knowledge of chemistry.


Nanomaterials chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Green chemistry, Energy-related materials, Biocompatible materials, Catalyst chemistry, Analytical chemistry

Education policy:

This is a new area organized mainly by faculty staff in the area of chemistry. We aim for students to obtain not only the skill of advanced characterization for composition and structure of materials but also the ability to design basic structure of materials with new functions. In addition, we aim to nurture students to understand the technology and materials which are required in industries and contribute to society by the technological development and creation of new materials from the perspective of chemistry.