Research Center for Interpretable AI

Interpretable and explainable judgment by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now widely used, including in industry, from logical exploration in the 1990s to deep learning in the 2000s, supported by advances in hardware and research has shown significant progress. The application has been widely advanced in a wide range of fields, including pattern recognition (voice and image), game entertainment, natural language processing, and data analysis.
Even at our university, there is a strong relationship with the intelligent robotics field, human life design field, and game entertainment field. At present, the research on artificial intelligence expands the impact of the increasing use of applications on society and ensuring the reliability of artificial intelligence technology has become an important issue. The aim of this center is to return to the basics of machine learning technology such as deep learning and aim to secure empirical reliability as well as critical application of interpretable and explainable judgment by artificial intelligence. The center also aims to be an interface for joint research with overseas.