Research Center for Cohabitative-AI×Design (Research Core)

Expanding human creative capacity based on AI and design

Dramatic advances in computing technology have enabled computers to take over some of the complex information processing tasks of humans, as exemplified by deep learning. In addition, the availability of ultra-high speed data communication has created an environment that allows instant access to big data from all over the world. What is left behind in this information society is the user, the human being. With AI and design as its backbone, this research core center aims to expand the creative abilities of people and promote research that will contribute to the construction of a creative society, a form of development of the information society.

Specifically, based on design thinking, our primary objective is to give tangible form to the invisible possibilities of the future, i.e., the richness of life and the joy of living. By organically combining advanced technologies such as computing, interface, communication, and digital media, we aim to support and expand people's creativity, build an environment where people can enjoy the richness of life and exercise their creativity, and implement and verify the results in society as applied research. Research and development will be promoted in the following four layers.

Fundamental Elemental Technologies

  1. Intelligent Processing Core Layer
    R&D of advanced intellectual processing technologies: deep learning, visual computing, etc.
  2. Interface Layer
    R&D of operation and expression systems that connect the intelligent processing core and the user: human-machine interface, XR technology, multimodal interaction, etc.
  3. Interaction Layer
    R&D of technologies to support collaborative activities between the intellectual processing core and users: HCI, entertainment computing, digital fabrication, creative activity support, knowledge creation support systems, life support, CSCW, communication support, etc.

Integrated Technology Development

  1. Cohabitation Layer
    R&D on design thinking and STEAM for building a creative society through collaboration between the intelligent processing core and users.