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Center for High-performance Nature-derived Materials (Excellent Core)*

Development and application of nature-derived materials are essential for future sustainable society. Nonetheless, insufficiency in materials properties has long prevented their practical applications in industy. This is because the accumulation of scientific knowledges is extremely difficult due to the structural complexity for many of natural-derived materials. Additionally, the academic field is not yet matured.
Then, by utilizing various infrastructures in JAIST based on our knowledges and ideas, our research center focuses on establishing new polymer science in order to design functional macromolecular structures from nature-derived molecules and to develop innovative processing methods. We also develop a potential of nature-derived materials for industrial applications through improvement of their environmental stability. Our main targets are represented by molecular design of new nature-derived monomer, development of bio-based super-engineering plastics, stabilization of highly functional structural proteins, development of high-perfromance polysaccharide materials, and so on.
These targets are addressed on the basis of
1) molecular design, 2) polymer synthesis and processing technologies, and 3) additive technologies for functionalization and materials durability. We vigorously promote international collaboration with governmental, academic, and industrial partners.
The research center aims at the creation of an interdisciplinary and international environment for researches and education.


*Excellent core
“Excellent core” is a facility to develop its own research activity as an international research base with leading edge research equipment and environment for leading researchers from all over the world to conduct high-level research in specific research areas.