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Center for Trustworthy IoT Infrastructure (Excellent Core)*

We conduct research on the IT infrastructure that will support the future IoT (Internet of Things) society. More specifically, we focus on expanding the research and development in the following three directions:

a) Large-scale simulator implementation technologies based on emulation techniques
We carry out adaptation and incremental development of simulator implementation technologies previously developed through joint research with companies in connection with the rapidly expanding fields of various kinds of IoT systems. In particular, we aim to implement capabilities for the simulation of social systems, including human behavior, and to develop a simulator enabling us to conduct such virtual society experiments.

b) Verification technologies of IoT and embedded systems using formal methods
We conduct research and development on the use of formal methods as a technique to ensure the safety, reliability, and availability of the IoT and embedded systems that are already present in the society, such as vehicles, consumer electronics, electric power equipment, etc.

c) IoT security technologies
We develop cybersecurity technologies based on traditional IT security techniques, as well as conduct the concept systematization and related R&D work needed to address the new problems that have emerged in connection with IoT security.


*Excellent core
“Excellent core” is a facility to develop its own research activity as an international research base with leading edge research equipment and environment for leading researchers from all over the world to conduct high-level research in specific research areas.