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Research Center for Theoretical Computer Science 

Our center aims at studying fundamental mathematics and logic in information science, and contirbute to propose a new paradigm of future computer.
Our center tackles the folloiwng four issues:

  1. We construct a mode of natural language understanding, and knowledge representation of rational agents. We consider belief revision of agents through communicaton, and we develop our efforts to such practical problmes as legal reasoning.
  2. We tackle the issues of mathematical logic both from proof theory and from model theory. Also, we consider the computability. We apply these basic ideas to the reconstruction of fundamental theory and to program extraction.
  3. We study the formal language of computer, including specification language and programming language, and consider to apply them to real systems. As for fundamental theory, we study termrewritng and type theory. As for application, we study distributed system and software security.
  4. We study discrete mathematics. Especially, graph theory and computational geometry are the two main targets. In these studies, we tackle efficient algorithms as well as the estimation and the proof of computational complexity.