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Dao Thanh Toan, 2nd year PhD student of Murata Lab of Materials School, was awarded the Japan society of applied physics Hokuriku Shin-etsu Branch the Best Presentation Award.

Date:January 21, 2012.

Presented title
Enhanced performance of electron-trapping polymer memory transistors by using photoactive dielectric

Content of Awarded Presentation:
Recently, there have been intensive research and development on organic electronics owing to their unique attractive features including mechanical flexiblility, low manufacturing cost, and low temperature processes. A memory element is an essential component in electronics owing to its applications in data storage. The switching voltages, retention time, endurance of an IEEE memory device are standardized to be about 10 V, 108 s, 105 cycles, and respectively. However, the current issue of the organic memory transistors is that very high switching voltages (100 V) or low retention time property (103 s). In this work, we have demonstrated memory transistors based on electron trapping of polymer dielectric. By introducing the photoactive dielectric, we realized low-working voltage and highly stable organic memory transistors. Programming/erasing (P/E) operations of the devices could be carried out by applying a voltage of −8/5 V. The observed memory characteristics indicate the practical memory devices such that a large on/off ratio of >105, the retention time >105 s, and reliability with more than 103 P/E testing cycles.

Firstly, I am grateful to the organizers of Japan society of applied physics Hokuriku Shin-etsu Branch for giving me the nice opportunity to present at the Annual meeting 2011 and gave me the Award. I feel very happy in this moment. I deeply appreciate and thank my respected advisor Professor Hideyuki Murata whose warmly supervision, discussions, and suggestions. I have been encouraged in actualizing the challenging ideas and promoted to present the studies at many conferences in Japan and around the world. In addition, my thanks would like to give Assistant Professor Toshinori Matsushima for his excellent teaching and assistance in the daily work. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to express many thanks to all members in Murata laboratory for their helps and disinterested friendship.

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