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Ms. Panitha Phulkerd of Yamaguchi Lab. got the best poster award

Ms. Panitha Phulkerd of Yamaguchi Lab. got the best poster award (ANTEC 2012 Graduate Student Poster Competition, Ken J. Braney International Award) at the international conference, ANTEC 2012, organized by the Society of Plastic Engineering, held at Orlando, Florida on April 2-4.


■  title of the presentation

Deformation behavior of extruded polypropylene sheet with anomalous molecular orientation



I am deeply honoured and excited to have won the best poster awards in Society of Plastics Engineers Antec 2012 Graduate Student Poster Competition Ken. J. Braney International Award in Orlando, USA. My experience at this conference is excellent because I had a wonderful time of learning, interacting and also knowing many other researchers from various field of expertise to exchange and gather scientific information and build acquaintances, friendships and research network as well. For the time honored and bestowed the prestigious award, I would like to express my indebted appreciation to my supervisor-Professor Yamaguchi for his patient guidance, encouragement, and giving me this most opportunity to be part of prestigious conference. I know research is an endless road of learning and this award motivates and drive me to produce better research in the future and later in my career.