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TRAN, Thang Thanh, 2nd year PhD student of Kotani Lab of Information Science, was awarded the IEEE-RIVF 2012 Best Paper Award.

Date:March 1, 2012

Title of the presentation:

Extraction of Discriminative Patterns from Skeleton Sequences for Human Action Recognition

Content of Awarded paper:

Emergence of novel techniques, such as the invention of MS Kinect, enables reliable extraction of human skeletons from action videos. Taking skeleton data as inputs, we propose an approach in the paper to extract the discriminative patterns for efficient human action recognition. Each action is considered to consist of a series of unit actions, each of which is represented by a pattern. Given a skeleton sequence, we first automatically extract the key-frames for unit actions, and then label them as different patterns. We further use a statistical metric to evaluate the discriminative capability of each pattern, and define the bag of reliable patterns as local features for action recognition. Experimental results show that the extracted local descriptors could provide very high accuracy in the action recognition, which demonstrate the efficiency of our method in extracting discriminative patterns.


We would like to thank for organizers from IEEE-RIVF 2012 International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was very excited and honored for us to win the best paper award in the conference. I express my profound gratitude to my respected supervisor Associate Professor Kazunori Kotani, my vice-supervisor Associate Professor Atsuo Yoshitaka who are guiding me and gave me strong supports throughout this research. In addition, I express many thanks to all members in my laboratory, especially Assistant Professor Chen Fan who gave me much encouragement and patient guidance. I am so thankful for the supporting FIVE-JAIST program which is got a great help by a lot of people from JAIST and Vietnam, especially Professor Ho Tu Bao (JAIST), Associate Professor Le Hoai Bac (Vietnam). This prize encourages me a lot to continue to study and do research all my best.

TRAN, Thang Thanh