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Mr.Ashutosh Thakur of the School of Material Science received Outstanding APO2015/WPOC2015 Poster Presentation in World Polyolefin Congress 2015.

Mr.Ashutosh Thakur, a 2nd year doctoral student in Taniike Lab. of the School of Material Science, received Outstanding APO2015/WPOC2015 Poster Presentation in World Polyolefin Congress 2015.


[Date awarded] Nevember 26, 2015
[Title] "Identification of Regiodefects in Polypropylene Formed in Quasi-Living Stopped-Flow Polymerization Process"
[Abstract] The high selectivity of industrial Ziegler-Natta (ZN) catalysts endows the fabrication of highly stereo-and regiospecific polypropylene (PP). It is well known that regioselective ZN propylene polymerization favours the primary (1,2) insertion of incoming monomer. This is also accompanied with an occasional secondary (2,1) insertion of monomer, leading to regiodefects in the growing chain, which is expected to slow down a subsequent monomer insertion by a factor of 102-103. Hence, the dormancy of a regio-misinserted active site could be a major bottleneck for polymerization kinetics and its estimation is crucial to elucidate the complete kinetics. In order to evaluate the said kinetics, in the present study we have performed ultra-short time (< 0.1 s) propylene polymerization by a stopped-flow technique and applied a high-temperature (HT) 13C cryo-probe NMR for polymer microstructure analyses in order to estimate the regioselectivity ZN propylene polymerization and dormancy of a regiodefected site.
[Comment] World Polyolefin congress and Asian Polyolefin Workshop was a collaborative forum where I could meet the eminent scientists from all over the world in the field of polyolefin. It was a great experience and privilege for me to be able to see the ongoing research trend in academia as well as leading industries, share scientific ideas and have fruitful discussion for further improvements. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizing committee for the successful conference as well as for acknowledging my poster presentation. Also, I would like to express my sincere regard to my supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Toshiaki Taniike and Prof. Minoru Terano for providing me precious guidance and kind support. Finally, I am thankful to JAIST, my lab colleagues and those who kindly supported our research.

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December 4, 2015