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Ms. Amna Javed of the School of Knowledge Science received the Best Paper Award in ME15Dubai Conference at Dubai.

Ms. Amna Javed, a 2nd year doctor's student in Kohda Lab. of the School of Knowledge Science, received the Best Paper Award in Third Middle East Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance & Banking (ME15Dubai Conference at Dubai, UAE).She has already received the Best Presenter Award on site, but was also awarded for the Best Paper Award after the conference, based on the recommendations of the Review Committee.

The conference series have been held at Dubai, Middle East, biannually since October 2014, and are focusing on Finance and Banking. In the third conference, three papers were selected as the Best Paper Awards.


[Date awarded] January 9, 2016
[Title] Conceptualizing the Ontological Framework for Service Dominant Logic for Islamic Banking and Finance

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January 19, 2016