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Silicene research presented by Dr. Antoine Fleurence at the American Physical Society March Meeting attracts a lot of media attention.

The superstar in the world of nanomaterials – graphene – may soon face a new rival in form of its big brother – silicene. As highlighted in the online magazine Science News and on the main page of the American Physical Society, researchers from the laboratories of Assoc. Prof. Yukiko Yamada-Takamura and Assoc. Prof. Rainer Friedlein at the School of Materials Science and Assoc. Prof. Taisuke Ozaki at the Research Center for Integrated Science have now created and investigated such atom-thick honeycomb layers of silicon on metallic diboride thin films grown on silicon wafers. The next challenge is to prepare silicene on an only weakly interacting platform, a difficult task since silicon doesn’t naturally form the kind of atomic bonds needed to form flat sheets similar to graphene.


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