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Prof. Chong, School of Information Science, gave an invitational seminar on "Distributed and Cooperative Networked Robotics" at Italian Institute of Technology on February 24.


“Distributed and Cooperative Networked Robotics”



I will present some of our past and recent work being done at JAIST as well as our vision toward distributed and cooperative networked robotics. First, a collaborative knowledge network is proposed in an attempt to generate sophisticated robotic behavior with minimal end-user programming effort. The proposed network connects heterogeneous resources to collectively build up the robot’s knowledge required to accomplish a given task. Specifically, a decentralized knowledge acquisition and task specific integration model is proposed. Secondly, a selfcontained direction sensing RFID reader is presented employing a dual-directional antenna for automated target acquisition and docking of a mobile robot in indoor environments. One of the technical challenges is how to sustain the accuracy of the estimated DOA that varies according to environmental conditions. To cope with this problem, the direction correction algorithm is proposed to triangulate the location of the transponder with the most recent DOA estimates.

Last but not least, the fundamental problems and practical issues underlying the deployment of a swarm of mobile robots are discussed. Based on the local interaction, the self-configuration algorithm is presented to enable a swarm of robots to form a communication network arranged in equilateral triangular lattices. Toward applying the proposed algorithm to self-configuring a network of mobile sensors, some essential features of the algorithm are discussed.