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JAIST Spring School 2012 on "Formal Reasoning: Theory and Application" was held on March 5 - 9, 2012

The spring school aimed at advancing logic and its applications by cross-community interactions among subareas in logic. The school provided nine lectures including three invited tutorials; Dr. Ulrich Berger from Swansea University in UK, Dr. Sara Negri from University of Helsinki in Finland, Dr. Dirk Pattinson  from Imperial College London in UK.

The school aimed at master and PhD students in mathematics and computer science -- especially logic, but we welcomed participants from all areas. The Workshop on Mathematical Logic was also held on Friday, March 9.

Logic nowadays encompasses various fields, including mathematical logic, software verification, and artificial intelligence. Through all the lectures, every attendant actively discussed the most advanced topics on logic, and also in coffee breaks and dinners we could enjoy discussion, sharing our common interests. We could offer a good opportunity for young promising students to learn agenda on adjacent fields and to exchange their worldwide comradeship.


JAIST Spring School 2012 JAIST Spring School 2012




March 5, Monday

9:00 -12:00  Visiting JAIST

14:00 -17:00  N. Hirokawa, C, Sternagel, M. Ogawa: Automated Reasoning and Its Tools

18:00 -19:00  Reception


March 6, Tuesday

9:00 -12:00  S. Negri: The Method of Proof Analysis: Background, Developments, New Directions

14:00 -17:00  H. Ishihara: Constructive and Classical Reasonings


March 7, Wednesday

9:00 -12:00  D. Pattinson: Coalgebraic Logics: Modalities Beyond Kripke Semantics

14:00 -17:00  S. Tojo and K. Sano: Non-classical Logic and Formal Semantics


March 8, Thursday

9:00 -12:00  U. Berger: Program Extraction

14:00 -17:00  Student Session: F. Carreiro (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), B. Felgenhauer

(University of Innsbruck, Austria), A. Siders (University of Helsinki, Finland), V. Siles

(Goeteborg University, Sweden), A. Ziegler (University of Leeds, UK)

18:00 -20:00  Banquet


March 9, Friday

9:00 -16:50  Workshop



Organising Committee:

Satoshi Tojo (chair), Nao Hirokawa, Hajime Ishihara, Mizuhito Ogawa, Katsuhiko Sano



Hirosaka-Bekkan of Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art

(2-1 Dewa-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0963, Japan)