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Prof. Tad Matsumoto continues his IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturer status.

Prof. Tad Matsumoto of School of Information Science has been re-appointed as Distinguished Lecturer by IEEE Vehicular Technology Society for the period of July 2013-Dec 2015.


[About IEEE VT Society and its Distinguished Lecturer Program]

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) is the forum for engineers, students, and technicians who are in charge of or interested in theoretical and practical issues of techniques/technologies related to "mobility" such as mobile wireless communications, automotives, transportation, and wireless security. The society holds its official international conferences, Vehicular Technology Conference, twice a year, where participants share and exchange their technical and professional information and ideas through not only sessions but also a variety of events such as tutorials and panel discussions.

IEEE VTS also supports local chapters to enhance their activities through providing Distinguished Lecturer (DL) program. The role of the distinguished lecturers is to provide lectures on request basis, requested by the local chapters throughout the world. The distinguished lecturers are appointed by the Distinguished Lecturer Committee (DLC), participated by the board members of the society, from among the world-level experts in specific fields, based on their accomplished
records and abilities.


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[Short Statement]

I am very much honored to be re-appointed by the IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturer Committee (DLC) as a Distinguished Lecturer for the next two and a half years, starting at July of this year. To be able to fully satisfy the roles and expectations of this position, I shall make as much effort as possible, as in the last 2 years.  This appointment indeed indicates high recognition of our contributions, both in JAIST, Japan, and in Center for Wireless Communications at University of Oulu, Finland, to the IEEE academic society. Again, this appointment is due largely to the academic activities, extraordinary efforts, harmonization, and diligence of all my laboratory members. I greatly appreciate my lab members, and would like to promote their world-level techniques through providing lectures in the world under the status of IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. 

For those students who know professors/research groups in their graduated universities conducting research work related to the IEEE VTS society, please contact them and let them know that we can provide the distinguished lectures, and furthermore, the lectures can be financially supported by the IEEE VT society.


September 17, 2013