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Altix UV1000 operating at Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure ranks fiftieth of the Graph 500 list, the world performance rankings of processing large scale data

Altix UV1000, started running in March 2012 at JAIST, ranks fiftieth of the world performance rankings of the Graph 500 list and sixth of the Green Graph 500 list. The Graph500 is a benchmark and performance metrics for emerging date intensive or "Big Data" computing applications, and the Green Graph 500 list complements it with energy metrics for them. These are issued twice a year (on June and November) on site of well-known international conference for supercomputers and the honor for November in 2013 was announced on 19th of November (U.S. time zone) at ACM/IEEE International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis 2013 (SC13) in Colorado, Denver.

[Brief Overview]

Graph 500 is aimed for competition among HPC experts for performance of processing big data processing, which is getting a lot of attention in recent years. A benchmark for the rankings is TEPS, Traversed Edges Per Second.

Since the energy consumption is gradually becoming an important factor in big data processing, Green Graph 500 collects TEPS per watt metrics for the ranking. Results are divided into two groups, Big Data category and Small Data category, depending on the processing data scale.

[Meaning] Assistant Professor Yukinori Sato says that "Altix UV1000 ranks sixth among Big Data category of Green Graph 500 and this demonstrates that our machine is powerful and has an ability of processing applications that require large memory efficiently. Regarding to Graph500, the machine ranks fiftieth and it is top grade among single node systems working by a single OS."

Altix UV1000

November 28, 2013