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November 10th to 12th, Joint Symposium of 3 Schools "JAIST Symposium on Advanced Science and Technology 2015" (J-SAST 2015) Was Held.

In April 2016, JAIST will integrate the current 3 schools into 1 school, and 9 areas will be newly inaugurated. Through the big restructuring of the school integration, in order to aim at being more powerful as a frontier of research education of the most advanced science and technology, we held a joint symposium of 3 schools.
At the symposium, various guests participated from oversea partner universities which cooperate with JAIST closely, and they were divided into the sessions for each 9 new areas and discussed actively on wide range of topics such as presentation of the newest research achievement, introduction of joint research project, future educational research collaboration, and so on.
On the first day of the symposium on November 10th, opening ceremony was held and at the keynote lecture by President Asano, which became highlight, he introduced the content of the symposium, brief summary of JAIST, integration of schools, 9 new areas, and the newest research achievement regarding algorithm, which is his specialized area, and he was making an appeal to the world for the characteristics of JAIST, as a "president who does research" actively.
Please check the website below for the detail of the symposium.
20151110_1.JPG 20151110_2.JPG
President Asano giving a lecture Appearance of the symposium
20151110_3.JPG 20151110_4.JPG
Introducing the brief summary of JAIST Ceremonial photograph at the symposium

November 13,2015