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Call for poster designs for JAIST FESTIVAL 2016

We now welcome poster designs for JAIST FESTIVAL 2016 held on Saturday, October 8, 2016 by JAIST community as follows:

1.Entry qualification (1) Must be JAIST's students, faculty, staff members, and those family members.

(2) A participant can be either an individual person or a group.

(3) Non-JAIST members (not mentioned above) can participate in a group if the group leader is a JAIST member.
2.Entry Guidelines - Poster designs must be appropriate for the event which aims at interacting with community and promoting mutual friendship among faculty, staff members, and students.

- The design will also be used for poster, flyers and brochure of the event.

- Please put the event name, "JAISTフェスティバル" or "JAIST FESTIVAL" on your design work, but do not put any other words such as event contents.

- You must use the logo mark "JAIST" for the word JAIST of the event name.

 Please go to
 and download the JAIST logo mark.

- Please consider of adding some information about the event on the design work later on. You can see the "JAIST FESTIVAL 2015" poster for your reference at
- There is no restriction on techniques or materials of the design. Anything can be used such as illustration, photograph, block print, graphic design, etc.
3.How to apply Please email or bring the following (1) and (2) to the Office of University Strategy and Public Relations within the period of time indicated below.
Up to 3 designs can be submitted per an individual applicant or per a group.

(1) Entry Form for "Poster Design of JAIST FESTIVAL 2016"

  (The form can be downloaded at
   ※ No.6 "comments on my/our work" in the form will be considered for selection.

(2) Design work:

- Electronic data (Filed in general types of image formats; JPEG, PNG,Word, or PowerPoint, at 300 dpi or higher, and in A3 size vertically)
- Handwritten (in A3 size vertically)
4.Entry Period June 30 (Thu) - July 15 (Fri).
5.Selection JAIST FESTIVAL committee will consider all entries and choose one winning design.
6.Prize An award certificate and a book card which is equivalent to \ 20,000.
7.Selection Announcement The result will be sent to all applicants (only the representative if it's a group) around the end of July.
8.Terms and conditions - The winning design may be largely modified for the poster.

- The winner(s) may be asked to attend meetings for modifying the design and layout of the work.

- All design works must be unpublished, and must not infringe on other Copyrights or trademarks.

- The submitted design works will not be returned to applicants.

- All applicants must work at their own expenses.

- JAIST holds copyrights and all other rights of the winning design work.

- There may be no winning design when none of them meet the qualification requirements.

- Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will be only used for the purpose relating this competition.
9.Apply to / Contact Us Public Relations Section
Tel: 0761-51-1031, 1032

June 30, 2016