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President Asano visited POSTECH and Pai Chai University in South Korea

On October 10(Mon.) and 11(Tue.), President Asano visited POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) and Pai Chai University in South Korea.
At POSTECH, Asano had talks with the President Doh-Yeon Kim and conducted exchanges of views with staff members of industry-university cooperation, etc. POSTECH is ranked as 104th in World University Rankings list by Times and renowned as the best research university in South Korea so that POSTECH is one of the universities that JAIST is aiming at.
At Pai Chai University, Asano carried on a conversation with President Young-Ho Kim, and after that Asano and Professor Kyung-Hun Song, the Dean of Office of International Affair, conducted specific discussion about exchange with JAIST.

info20161010-1.jpg info20161010-2.jpg
Talks with POSTECH (Left)President Asano
(Right)President Young-Ho Kim at Pai Chai University

October 17, 2016