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International students gave lectures at Tatsunokuchi Junior High School

On Thursday, November 10th, 6 international students from Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, China and Mexico gave lectures of the "Cultural Exchange Class" as a part of the "Comprehensive Learning Curriculum", at Tatsunokuchi Junior High School, Nomi city.

This event is the 10th time this year. The 3rd grade students of TJHS were divided into 6 groups for each aforementioned country and each group made a presentation of their studies done before the lectures. The international students introduced their countries at their assigned class following the TJHS students' presentation.

All the participants developed their understanding about Japan and the assigned country by learning the difference of history, culture, language and life style between the two countries.

After the presentation, they interacted with each other actively through questions and answers, the try-out of the native costumes and a performance of the traditional musical instruments, and spent time in a friendly atmosphere with laughter.


November 16, 2016