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Degree Conferment Ceremony of June FY2018

On Friday, June 22nd, 2018 at 10:00am, Degree Conferment Ceremony of June FY2018 took place at School of Materials Science Lecture Hall, A total of 18 students: 9 students in the Master's program [School of Information Science; 1 student, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology; 2 students (School of Knowledge Science), 3 students (School of Information Science), 3 students (School of Materials Science)] and 9 students in Doctoral program (School of Knowledge Science; 4 students, School of Information Science; 3 students, School of Materials Science; 2 students) received their degree.

Each student received the degree from President Asano, and they shared handshakes with the deans and the supervisors.

President Asano encouraged the graduates saying, "The world today is facing an unprecedented scale of change and I hope for every one of you to recognize yourself as a qualified new global leader and tackle many challenges with multifaceted perspectives to cope with unexpected changes. Also, do not afraid of facing new phases in life and always have the spirit of chanllenge. I wish you success in your future."


June 22, 2018