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FY 2018 Entrance Ceremony

On Tuesday, October 2nd , Entrance Ceremony of October FY2018 took place at School of Material Science Lecture Hall. Total of 109 new students: 66 new students in Master's program, 43 new students in Doctoral program pledged to "work on their studies sincerely and fulfill their student duty as a member of JAIST", and the delegates handed their signatures to President.

President Asano read an address saying that "I strongly believe that it is important to have an innovative ability based on wide range of knowledge and flexible thoughts. I want you to have a consciousness not only to complete given assignments diligentyly, but also to set your own goals and materialize them by yourselves. I wish that your life at JAIST becomes fruitful and that you will actively initiate changes for your bright future."


October 3, 2018