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JAIST and China Scholarship Council (CSC) concluded the MoU.

JAIST and China Scholarship Council (CSC) concluded the MoU on Jan. 12, 2012. At the opening of the signing ceremony, Dr. Takuya Katayama, president of JAIST made a comment that it was a great pleasure to promote a cordial relationship between JAIST and China through this conclusion of MoU. Also, Dr. Liu Jinghui, a Secretary-General of CSC made a comment that further progress of exchange of both Chinese and Japanese young researchers would be expected.
After signing of the MoU, President Katayama and Secretary-General Liu shook hands firmly while wishing for fruitful exchanges in the future.

* Brief summary of the MoU
China Scholarship Council was founded in 1996 as a non-profit institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education, China.
The object of CSC is to provide government-financial assistance to Chinese citizens wishing to study abroad and to foreign citizens wishing to study in China.
It is expected that JAIST will accept excellent students from China through cooperation of CSC. The students enrolled at JAIST based on this MoU will be provided with a scholarship from CSC as living expenses in Japan, and also eligible for an admission fee and tuition waiver at JAIST. The number of students admitted is 20 people per year, and the first batch of students will come to JAIST in October 2013.
CSC has concluded similar MoU with well-known universities in Europe and the United States, such as Harvard University and Oxford University, but there has been no MoU with the Japanese academic institutes, and JAIST would be the first institute in Japan to conclude MoU with CSC.

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