IE Preperation & Certificate getting procedure

To get client certificate by Internet Exproler,the following preparation is required.

Preperation 1 (Trusted Site)

Run Internet Explorer, and select [Tool] -> [Internet Option] .

On Internet Option Window, Open [security] tab and select [Trusted site].
Uncheck [Enable Protected Mode],and Click [Sites]button.

On [Trusted Sites] Window, input
[] and click [Add].
Confirm [] is moved to [Websites] fields , and  click "Close" .





Preperation 2 (Configuration for JavaScript, ActiveX)

Back to [Internet Option] Window, Click [Custom Level...]




Check [prompt] in [Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting] .

And check [Enable] in [Scripting of JAVA applets].

Click [OK] on the pop up message window.

Close [Internet Option] with click [OK]





Preperation 3 (Compatibility View Settings)

To configure "Compatibility View", Click [Tool] menu ->[Compatibility View Settings]

Input as []  and Click [add].
Confirm [] is moved to [Websites you've added to Compatibility View], and Click [Close]








Issuing a new certificate by IE

If you have not changed the setting of IE, please change the setting. You can find a guide to make the changes here.


[Step1] Accessing the J-UPKI server and appling a certificate.

Login to J-UPKI system and click [Issue].

If the certificate has already been issued, [Issue] does not appear. If you would like to issue a new certificate, you must revoke your existing certificate by the J-UPKI system.


   J-UPKI system (Available only from the campus LAN)


[Step2] Accessing the UPKI server to downloading certificate.

After the process of step 1 is completed (it will take a few minutes), [Download Certificate] will appear on the J-UPKI system, click on it to access the UPKI web site.


[Step3] Getting your certificate from the UPKI Web site (automatically imported into IE).

In【STEP2】on the Web screen, CSPと鍵長を選択 (choose the CSP and the key length)

CSP: Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0 (Please change the default set value)  
: 2048bit (Please change the key length from default set value)

・After clicking the [発行] (Issue) button、please wait without doing anything until the【STEP3】screen is displayed.

・Do not click [一つ戻る] (Back to previous) after clicking [発行] (Issue), otherwise the certificate won't be obtained.

In【STEP3】on the Web screen, 証明書を受け取る.(Obtaining the certificate)

After the dialog on the right is displayed, please confirm that the certificate has been imported in the web browser.

In【STEP4】on the Web screen, 証明書の確認 (Confirm the certification usage)