Hostname: lmpcc

% ssh lmpcc -l <UserID>

Environment setting

The default environment (Intel + HPE_MPT) is set at login. Changing the used compiler and linking the library are done by loading the necessary modules.

1. Display a list of loaded modules.

% module list

2. Check available modules

% module avail

3. Load/unload modules

 % module load/unload  <module name>

4. Replacing modules

 % module swap  <module name before>  <module name after>


Compiler Fortran C C++ Command
GCC g77,gfortran cc g++  
Intel Compiler ifort icc icpc  
PGI Compiler pgf90 pgcc pgCC



Serial Program ( without MPI, thread parallelization)
 % icc -O3 -o comp.exe comp.c

MPI Program
 % icc -O3 -o comp.exe comp.c -lmpi

OpenMP Program
 % icc -O3 -qopenmp -o comp.exe comp.c

MPI+OpenMP Hybrid
 % icc -O3 -qopenmp -o comp.exe comp.c -lmpi