Superdome Lending Service

We will start lending service of Superdome , computing server with 12TB large memory .
Please read the following requirements


  • Applicant: full-time faculty or staff
  • Term: 3 month
  • System to be lent: Superdome (144CPUs, 12TB Memory)

Application Process

  1. Application from web form
  2. Review
  3. Notification of Approval
  4. Consulting
  5. Start of Use
  6. Report of research with the system


  • 1st Period: May-July <deadline for review:Apr. 26>
  • 2nd Period: Aug-Oct   <deadline for review:Jul. 20>
  • 3rd Period: Nov-Jan   <deadline for review : Oct. 25>


  • We will provide consulting and e-mail support on how to use the system, software you want to use.
    (Best-effort service due to the small number of staff available)
  • The period may be terminated if the utilization rate during the period is low.


Please submit a report of research after use.

Application Form