Wireless LAN service for outsiders (guests) can be used for short-term events held at JAIST.

It can be used for various research meetings, workshops and events.

Application is required for using the wireless LAN service for events.

Please send an e-mail with the following details to the Information Society Infrastructure Research Center, 3 business days before the intended start of using the wireless service.

  Account name:
  Wireless LAN usage start date:
  Wireless LAN usage end date:
  Expected number of devices to use the wireless LAN:
  Main usage place (XX school X building X floor or room number):
 Wireless LAN setting
  PSK (Public-shared Key):           <- 8 characters or more required
 Access control information
  List of campus hosts servers and port numbers you want to grant access:

We will contact you after completing settings. It is recommend to check the functionality with a PC or another device.


Applicants for this service must affiliated to JAIST with an identification card.

This service aims to provide a temporary wireless LAN environment for a short period of time to guests not affiliated with the university. Therefore, it can not be used for JAIST members, and it can not be used for a long period of time or a frequently repeated event.


The maximum period is about two weeks including the preparation period by the organizer side.

Coverage area

The Information Society Infrastructure Research Center has established access points (wireless APs) in the following buildings.

Coverage is available within the reach of the radio waves of those devices.

 School of knowledge science
 School of information science
 School of materials science
 Nano center building
 Workshop building
 Electron microscope building
 Innovation research building
 Information / Material lecture hall building
 University hall
 Secretariat building
 Guest house
 Research center building
 Students dormitory
 Multipurpose facility (convenience store building)

Coverage would be available to one or more of those areas as required. (Partial restriction within one area is not possible)


  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n is available
    802.11n is available only in information building and information / material lecture building, library     802.11a is not available in the students' dormitory
  • One of the following authentication/encryption methods can be used
    WPA 2 - PSK / AES
  • SSID is broadcasted throughout the service area

Access control

  • Basically, there are no restrictions on outside of the university network access.
  • Other than access to the campus server listed below, network access is blocked. If there extra access is needed, please apply for IP address, port number, etc. of the host(s) to be accessed.
    DNS server (ns, ns2) for name resolution
    Web server (www, isc-w3) both http & https

Client setting

  • The organizer (applicant) would be informed/responsible for the setting of the client PCs and support.
  • It shouldn't be a problem if the contents like the example below are given at the venue.

  Wireless network protocol:    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (a & n only in limited areas)
    SSID:                                  JAISTCONF2010
    Authentication / encryption:  WPA-PSK/TKIP or WPA2-PSK/AES
    Key(PSK):                            password2010asahidai